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website work

i love making slightly-nostalgic front-end stuff, and want to learn more back-end! i plan on making some more sites with friends for their work and will put them here when i do.


This is a site I made about teeth because I like teeth and want more people to like teeth. It's a showcase of really good teeth art. Mostly from Twitter, some from Furaffinity.

[loud] car f*ckler

a terrible username rose parked and i had to make an equally terrible website for it. this took 10 minutes to make and is equally my worst work and also my magnum opus.


belt. the famous nardwuar interview meme. in site format. yes. this is another small one.

portal speedruns

Portal: Transmission Received Segmented Run

If you read through my [ ABOUT ] page, you know that i used to be very invested in the portal speedrunning community. Here are some vids i'm still proud of:

Along the way, i decided i wanted to do a segmented run for the "transmission received" achievement, where you take all 26 radios in the game to a specific spot they need to be at. Because of my waning interest in the game, routing difficulties, and schoolwork, i quit working on the project and gave the demos/save files to other runners in case they ever wanted to pick it up themselves one day. (i highly doubt it ever will though, as the portal community is a little dead right now). Here are the renders of what i had completed:

If i ever get a hold of the demos/saves again (i'm too lazy to scower my computer for them rn) i'll upload them here.

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