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Portal: Transmission Received Segmented Run

If you read through my [ ABOUT ] page, you know that i used to be very invested in the portal speedrunning community. Here are some vids i'm still proud of:

Along the way, i decided i wanted to do a segmented run for the "transmission received" achievement, where you take all 26 radios in the game to a specific spot they need to be at. Because of my waning interest in the game, routing difficulties, and schoolwork, i quit working on the project and gave the demos/save files to other runners in case they ever wanted to pick it up themselves one day. Here are the renders of what i had completed:

"step" charts



Picked up making stepmania charts in 2020, here are an assortment of the ones that got finished/that i still enjoy playing. These are intended to be played with a keyboard instead of a dancepad, but some of these charts may still be "possible" with one although difficult. Intended to be played without constant speed as the speedups/slowdowns/stuttering are part of the humor. Play games however you want though.

Here is a video of one of them:

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