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  • Grew up in KY.
  • Grew up on the internet.
  • Still here. 'Furry'. 'Queer'.
  • 'Hobbyist'.
  • Bio:

    I grew up in a small Kentucky town and my memory of my childhood is notably vague. I remember really liking Spiderman and playing my Gameboy and Gamecube. Primarily I only played Sonic the Hedgehog games, which is probably one of the earliest reasons I'm into all this furry stuff nowadays. I became entrenched in online communities (for better or for worse) from middle school to present revolving around music, cartoons, speedrunning, and as already mentioned, furry.

    I have been surrounded by music my whole life through local musical theatre, electronic music I would find online, and more family and friends I can count that made it their main careers or hobbies out of composing or performing music. I was in every school band/orchestra in middle to high school which led me to composing my own (sheet) music and learning music theory. In college I pivoted to getting an engineering degree out of financial fear, but put out the time to make some stuff along the way. Despite not posting much anymore, music is still very important to me.

    I've been "online" since 2010ish and "entered" the furry community in 2017 instead of lurking. It is the primary community I build my world around now and it is very formative for me. Being with people aggressively accepting and vulnerably queer is something I've needed my whole life.

    While I have made some albums, I don't know if I'd label myself as a musician. While I work professionally as a software engineer and like making silly webpages, I wouldn't label myself as a programmer or a web designer. I am almost always uncomfortable with prescribing/describing labels to myself (as well as very unconfident in my opinions). I just want to exist. I appreciate you letting me!

    My name is rowan and I'm glad you are taking the time to look at my website.

    You can contact me here: [CONTACT]