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without judgement

a self-therapeutic album i made throughout 2018. it's about dissociation, externalizing, and climbing up mountains. really wanted to explore noisey sounds and ultimately not care about what i was making, and im mostly satisfied with it. if you buy this on bandcamp you get some samples/stems i made for it, which is pretty neat!

bad sector

a chiptune-y album made in a small period of time. it's a short 'story' about obsessing over a nostalgic past, preventing personal growth. there are sounds from various video games i like on here, old and new, and random free chiptune samples i found online. if you buy this on bandcamp, you'll unlock 2 'corrupted' ~secret~ tracks.



files range in volume, and autoplay on click!

radiodrone.mp3 2023mar05 bzzzzzzzz
drumy.mp3 2022jun07
dsgtypebeat.mp3 2020may22 dsg
lost_4th.mp3 2019jul07 (2017oct21) lost patterns from shit song
wonkygoofyguitar.mp3 2019jul06 Not Huge
carfuckler.mp3 2019jun08 carfuckler
burnout.mp3 2019jun01 im tired
new_local2.mp3 2019may26 new outro for "bad sector"
golden2.mp3 2019apr06 goldenrod city jam
B_NOISE.mp3 2019jan12 fun havin'
murkwoodmeme.mp3 2018dec31 dumb thing made in 7 minutes
unused_revisionism.mp3 2018dec31 part of a song meant for without judgment
unused_hmm.mp3 2018dec31 this just sounds neat
grunkle.mp3 2018dec20 drunk grunks
gwip.mp3 2018dec09 transpose wip
u.mp3 2018oct21 turn it up
8MinutesOfSomeRippingNoises.mp3 2018sep22 loud
avail_laser_bass.mp3 2018sep12 bass stem for availability
thinkinaboutbowie.mp3 2018sep12 rip
dissociation_mix.mp3 2018feb25 frustrated when made this
paycheck.mp3 2018feb13 made this at work
christday.mp3 2017dec25 merry christmas
haha.mp3 2017dec20 funny
vib1_1.mp3 2017dec15 vib ribbon jam
data.mp3 2017dec14 edgy
desktop.mp3 2017dec02 edgier
drums.mp3 2017nov05 drums stem from "click anywhere"
feed.mp3 2017oct14 original sounds before i messed up "loopback"
braindumb.mp3 2017oct08 drum stem from "localhost"
c.mp3 2017sep24 cool melody + bass
undrtale.mp3 2017sep24 undrground
theboys.mp3 2017sep18 i dnt remember making this
nap_before_lab.mp3 2017sep11 i made this instead of napping during school
datastruc.mp3 2017aug29 made this in class w/ free samples i could find online
untuned_dumb.mp3 2017aug14 dumb
phoebe.mp3 2017aug02 theme 4 phoebe
xd.mp3 2017aug01 breakdown for "corruption"
streets.mp3 2017aug01 gambino is bad
messin.mp3 2017aug01 cute sounds
afixedidea.mp3 2017jun14 ?
golden1.mp3 2017mar22 old goldenrod jam
notdrunk.mp3 2017mar15 made this while not drunk
liebestraum.mp3 2017feb10 love dream
6am.mp3 2017jan07 sixth and main
drunk.mp3 2017jan07 made this while drunk
memory.mp3 2016dec25 memory of a friend
christeve.mp3 2016dec24 happy birthday


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