>>> Likes
  • grapefruit kombucha
  • neocities
  • comfy clothing
  • naps
  • programming
  • finishing lists
  • >>> Music (LOUD)
    disasteradio, whateverworld
    yu miyake, wanda wanda
    hell orbs, dad yard
    dream puzzles, finkles world
    danny l. harle, car song
    tune yards, sink o

    Rowancat (they/them) is a sassy, laid-back feline who falls somewhere between ideal self and myself in actuality. You may call them "Rowan" if you wish. I don't assign much lore or personal meaning to them outside of using them as a blank slate I can use to explore different aspects about myself, as well as seeing how people perceive me. Receiving art of Rowancat has the heaviest punch of "I, the artist, see you as this." out of any other character of mine, which is very valuable to me! It encourages me to put more of myself into the world and achieve some form of authentic self.

    Rowancat was created by my partner Ethan JP and is my second but primary sona. Their accent color is Terra Cotta.