music i made


jan 26, 2024
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georgina is my friend. we have fun together ,

without judgement

dec 31, 2018
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Self-therapy album. Lots of dissociative tendencies and obsession that I think is reflected in the music. Was tired with conventional music making (made lots of sheet music to hash out ideas before) and wanted to make something "without judgement", which led to a lot of reckless decisions without regard of how it would turn out. Got very in my head after making this and fell out of love with making music for a couple years. Free to download from this website, buying on bandcamp gets you an extra track (an 11 minute long radio/foley recording).

bad sector

oct 22, 2017
[listen on bandcamp] [download]

A project I made fresh out of a music theory 101 course and using as many free chiptune sample packs as I could find online (and synth1). I still like it and I think a lot of things here were formative to the style of stuff I make today. Free to download from this website, but you get 2 extra tracks if you buy on bandcamp.


aug 16, 2016

A collection of tracker files I made during the first 4 months of learning OpenMPT in high school. I'm no longer proud of a lot of these! So i've decided to give myself a little bit of grace and removed it from online. I may collect some of them and upload the tracker files to this page at some later point.