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hello ! i'm rowan. welcome to my blog.
i'm a music-liker/sleepy programmer/web enthusiast
please enjoy your stay


2019Dec25 -- Merry Christmas! It's been a while since I've been able to do an update, so I tried to make this one worth it while I had the time. Here's a list of everything changed/added (delete your browser cache):

- Added quicknav to the landing page
- Added explore tab at the top of most pages
- Revamped the ABOUT page a bunch
- Added characters pages to ABOUT
- Gave honorable mentions on ABOUT their own page
- Consolidated the ALBUMS and SCRIBBLES pages into SOUND
- Consolidated IMAGES and VIDEOS into VISUAL
- Combined SITES and MISC together
- Added link to Github page to MISC
- Word/sentence structure changes throughout site
- Added pics/vids of... me?? huh?

As for life stuff: I have one more semester of college left to go and will be focusing on that the most over the next couple months. Also, I'm in a pretty happy & healthy relationship and I'm trying to figure out important life stuff surrounding that. Web design is really cool! I would like to do more of it. I would also really like to get back into making music but I've been completely swamped with work. I'm going to make that a big priority in the second half of 2020. Thank you for reading :%)


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