without judgement

a self-therapeutic album i made throughout 2018. it's about dissociation, externalizing, and climbing up mountains. really wanted to explore noisey sounds and ultimately not care about what i was making, and im mostly satisfied with it. if you buy this on bandcamp you get some samples/stems i made for it, which is pretty neat!

bad sector

a chiptune-y album made in a small period of time. it's a short 'story' about obsessing over a nostalgic past, preventing personal growth. there are sounds from various video games i like on here, old and new, and random free chiptune samples i found online. if you buy this on bandcamp, you'll unlock 2 'corrupted' ~secret~ tracks.


a compilation of my first 4 months making music. the goal was to sit down for 4-6 hours and finish a song, and no matter what i had, upload it to soundcloud. i'm not super proud of a lot of the stuff here, but i keep it up hoping someone will enjoy it. it's a free download on bandcamp!

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