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A huge sleepy nerd who's just trying to live their best life.



A gentle creacher who made this website by uploading her brain to the internet... somehow.



She doesn't know why she's here, and would rather be at home on her phone.



favorite albums

One of the first things i heard from Emma Essex, and I still love it years later. There's so much detail that i never get bored listening to it, it does such a great job of painting a rich atmosphere. Is it obvious I draw a lot of inspiration from them?

Heard this in early high school and it still gets stuck in my head to this day. Not only was it an entry-way into me liking ravey/breakcore-esc music, i gained an appreciation in music that didn't take itself too seriously. It's a very fun and unique listen, big recommend.

One of the first electronic artists i ever listened to, Ronald Jenkees makes some of the sickest stuff I've ever heard. He makes crazy melody lines that I still can't comprehend now that i'm older and more musically versed. While Days Away is more chill than some other stuff they've made, it's stuck with me the most.

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favorite games

Mountain is an experience. Mountain forces you to live in the moment and just *be*. This game is a spiritual experience that I love, and Steam users hate. I'm not spoiling anything, go buy this game. It's a dollar.

I don't usually enjoy story-heavy games, but this one is an exception. Read Only Memories is a very queer cyberpunk game, and that kind of game is what I needed at the time of me playing to help me grow and understand identity stuff today. One of the main characters, Turing, is a cute blue robot that i used to use as my avatar online !

Pokemon red was the first Pokemon game I had ever played and one of the first games I casually speedran! Nostalgia is mainly the reason I consider it one of my favorite games, but it made me appreciate strategy/technical aspects of games. You can see my pb in the picture to the left. It's an okay time!!

While i'm reluctant to put this here, I have sunk an unreasonable amount of time into Portal and was very good at going fast, and it was an entryway into being analytical and competitive with... this kind of stuff. I don't play this game anymore, more in detail in [MISC]. Please check out the honorable mentions below! they are very good games and more fun than this, lol.

programs i use

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